DNA Results Leave Kirsty's Family Devastated


The shocking story of Kirsty’s unexpected death whilst on a hen party in Benidorm is a never ending story of heartbreak for those close to her.

This month her family has had their hopes of a DNA breakthrough in the ongoing probe dashed. After evidence shows five British men were staying in the apartment in which Kirsty fell from, they’d hoped to receive some answers. But samples taken from under one of the men’s nail, hands and armpits came back negative to any ‘foreign DNA’.

A friend close to the family said ‘The family had placed their hopes in the possibility something was going to be found, some biological evidence linking Joseph Graham or the other suspects to what happened and supporting their foul play claim, and absolutely nothing has been found. It was a comprehensive examination which included analysis of the underside of Kirsty’s nails to see if samples of someone’s else skin could be recovered that might suggest a struggle had taken place.

All the tests came back negative.’

The five Brits being probed over Kirsty’s death, including 33-year-old Joseph Graham who was the only man arrested, would be spared trial if the case is closed and only a successful appeal by Kirsty’s family to a higher court could get it re-opened.

Two of the men, from Nottingham, were called to court again on 7th November to give evidence.

Eight police officers have been asked to attend a second hearing on Thursday November 15, which was originally understood to have been scheduled for October 12.

The family won’t rest until they have uncovered the truth.


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